I really love this this place. They are a wonderful and excellent Team. I recommend Mullis physical therapy

LilIan Avalony

Mullis PT in Braintree is a cohesive and compassionate team of professionals. Recently, I had a Total Knee Replacement, I'm fairly young for this type of surgery and regaining mobility was my main concern. With the entire teams encouragement, I was able to return to work within eight weeks. I continue to have therapy, in order to reach my maximum potential. I truly value the care I receive from Mullis PT. Honestly, I would encourage anyone who needs PT, to choose Mullis they make a difference in the recovery process.

Mary Develler

Staff listens carefully and provides greatfeedback to my challenges

Krishna Kannan

The professional attitude & personal interaction of the entire staff was very comforting & relaxing.

Kevin Vaughn

Very friendly and helpful

Amanda Nichols

My experience at Mullis PT was awesome. Dr. Jeffrey Leblanc was my PT for my shoulder injury. The whole staff is great, patient oriented, patient, cordial and kind. The place is always clean and not crowded. I love the environment at MullisPT. The receptionist (Britney is so awesome and very helpful). I also love the team because they treat patients as they want to be treated. I will definitely recommend Mullis PT with no hesitations

Valine Valbrun

I can't say enough about my treatment at Mullis Physical Therapy. The staff is totally professional and at the same time warm and welcoming. I wanted to get better and they made it possible. I will miss seeing them but I am so pleased with my outcome. You are the best at what you do!!

Maria Walsh

The staff at the Boston location, especially Dr Lindsey Jester, were great. They treat their patients with respect and compassion. They really work you hard with consideration for the pain you have. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is in pain. I would also return to Mullis if I have anymore pain. They are a happy group of doctors who are very interested in helping you with whatever pain you are experiencing, before and after your treatment. Thank you Mullis & Associates for all you did for me

Linda Wilkins

My experience with Kate at PT couldn't have been better. She has treated me for several issues, the latest being my neck. Over the years, previous PTs had commented on my head turning less to the right but never suggested doing anything for it. Kate saw me turning my body to look to the right while on the stationary bike. That led to PT on my neck. You should see my head turn now! For me its not just that Kate is so knowledgeable, it's the feeling that she cares and wants to do the best she can for me. She and the whole team at Mullis are the reason I will only use them if/when I need PT again

Carolyn M

I just finished my last session of PT for shoulder surgery at the Braintree office. Dr. Allie Leblanc always made me feel comfortable and was extremely knowledgeable. She would always take her time answering my questions and without hesitation. Lauren Clarke was very friendly and patient helping me with the exercises. The office was very clean and had the most state of the art equipment. The scheduling was easy and accommodating. I truly believe that the reason I feel 100% better is because of the staff at Mullis & Assoc, PT. I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs physical therapy

Donald Spicuzza

Mullis & Associates is the best place to go for physical therapy. Dr. Jonathan Mullis and Dr. Allie Leblanc are highly skilled professionals who provide hands-on manual therapy at each appointment. I went to the Braintree facility and they helped me recover from a broken patella (kneecap). As time progressed, I was able to walk without the crutches, brace, and limp. Lauren Clarke and Brittany Wood expertly guided me with exercise techniques. The entire staff makes you feel welcome every time you walk through the door. They truly care about you and put you at ease. If you are looking for a place to start physical therapy, look no further - you have found the best place and people. I highly recommend Mullis & Associates

Janet Morrissey

My experience at Mullis PT with Lindsey was amazing. The staff there are so professional, super nice, and They are a pretty cool team. Prior to the time that I started going to Mullis PT, I tried to do all kind of treatment people were telling me to do from heating pads, Emergency Department where I was prescribed a bunch of pills every time I go which was not working for me. Ended doing some cupping therapy, nothing was working until I started going to Mullis PT after someone referred me there. When I started going there, I couldn't get out of bed unless I rolled myself out of the bed. I remember it was so hard for me to get in and out of my car to drive, to get out was so painful where I had to put both feet on the grown and get my strength from my knees to support my back. I have come a long way, but now thanks to Lindsey and her team. They evaluated me, and pain point where the problem was exactly, and created a plan, and work with me patiently. And one thing I remember during my first consultation/evaluation, I had it with Katherine, and I remember she said that, she wants to make sure the pain do not come back. I was feeling so exited hearing the assurance that my pain was going to be resolve with the work of physical therapy. And that was exactly their goal and mine to make sure the pain do not come back. With my discharge plan I will make sure it never come back. Now I'm back in the GYM to make sure of that. YOU GUYS ARE AWSOME!!! Thank you so much, and I appreciate you all.

Margalie B

The doctors and the whole team is so caring. They stay with you, they show you the correct way of doing your exercises. I feel so well taken care of and would recommend it to everyone.

Jacqueline Vanelli

After a back injury, I was recommended to Mullis P.T. in Braintree 5 min. from my home. Thanks to Drs. Jonathan Mullis and Ally LeBlanc's therapy I felt confident and was able to join there boot camp and strengthening class each week with Jenna Amara who is friendly and a very energetic instructor. I'm very impressed ...What a great place!

Vic Varrasso

Extremely positive experience. Doctorally prepared Physical Therapists, who patiently educate the patients while treating. The Braintree facility is new, clean, bright. All of the staff are welcoming (greeting by name), friendly, kind, professional and competent. I highly recommend them without reservations.


athy C.

I cannot recommend Mullis and Associates highly enough. The entire team is knowledgeable, kind and welcoming. Dr. Lindsey Jester treated my injury (labral cartilage tear in my left shoulder) with the utmost care and concern. My recovery has been swift and with the guidance and care of the Mullis team, I avoided a painful surgery and even lengthier recovery time.

Robert Burke

After suffering a neck injury, I was referred to Mullis Associates by a friend. The staff at Mullis was very professional, competent, and friendly and provided a very comfortable atmosphere for rehab. The facility is spotless and there are plenty of exercise machines to assist in your recovery. A special thanks to Dr. Allie LeBlanc for her help in getting me back to normal again, and for the excellent care and encouragement she provided. Also to Lauren Clarke, who provided much-needed advice on exercise technique as well as proper use of the mechanics. Thank you, Jenna for allowing me to attend your classes, they were terrific. Dr. John Mullis, you have a great team, and you run a very competent, friendly, and professional facility. I would highly recommend Mullis Associates to anyone who is in need of physical therapy, or looking to get back into shape. I truly appreciate all the efforts of the staff at Mullis during my recovery.

John D.

I went to the Braintree office and I would highly recommend Mullis & Associates. I broke my humerus bone in my arm. It wasn't healing so I was in a sling for 31/2 months. Needless to say my arm ended up frozen. I couldn't move it and the pain was excruciating! A new Dr. recommended physical therapy. Dr. Jon and Dr. Allie manually worked my arm a little bit at a time. They also used ultra sound and a massage machine. Lauren was at my side at every fitness machine helping and encouraging me! The facility is very clean and they have up to date fitness machines. While you are a patient you can use their fitness machines and even take classes at no charge. Jenna runs wonderful fitness classes. This caring professional group gave me back the use of my arm! When I was discharged I raised my arm up high and waved good bye. Thank you Mullis & Associates!

Susan Harvey

I, Margie, thank my physical therapist, Lindsay, for her hard work and dedication to my well-being. All the people who work at Mullis are professional, pleasant, and have their clients' best interest. I've really enjoyed the sessions I've had at Mullis and Associates.

Marjorie C.

Courteous personnel and genuine interest in the patient`s wellbeing.

James Donovan

The staff is friendly, knowledgeable and thorough.

Robert Vandor

I worked with the most amazing therapist . Suisi was knowledgeable and helped me tremendously.

Lisa Riccobene

Excellent therapists; history of pain reduction and strength increasing.

Rachel Weber

You did an excellent job keep up the good work may GOD blessing be upon your business Thank You

Annie Christian

Friendly and competent staff. Lindsey is an amazing PT!! She knows how to make the patient feel comfortable and encourages you to ask questions!

Shante Dannil

Great experience!


James Clements

Very professional and knowledgeable!

Holly Stanga

Everyone is super friendly and welcoming. They are also super encouraging.

Emily Moorstein

After a severe car accident, my doctor advised me that the best method of treatment for my back injury would be physical therapy. I was skeptical. However, after several months of therapy my back today is better than it has ever been. At Mullis and Associates PT I not only received top notch therapy but methods to improve posture, walking and simple daily life style changes to better support my back. The individual attention to detail on my recovery was second to none. In addition, the location is very convenient to my office and the broad range of hours made it easy to schedule around my life, not the other way around.

As a result of my therapy I no longer have any back pain, no discomfort and a stronger and better back. I would highly recommend Mullis PT to anyone, they are the best!

Irene M.

Great options for PT - especially for people living or working around the BUMC campus. They offer free parking and scheduling is VERY EASY. I have been in for several issues and each was dealt with efficiently and professionally. Highly recommended....

Lisa S.

Mullis and Associates came to my rescue. I had a bad accident and John and Kate were so caring and helpful getting me back to full power. What you need for rehab is someone to work with you who cares about you and knows what they are doing and that describes John and Kate. Their office staff, Stephanie, and their intern Stephanie were so welcoming and helpful. Absolutely a great operation. Can't do better than that.

Dr. James W.

I have been a patient for shoulder problems and leg and walking issues. Mullis PT was suggested to me by my doctor over other options. They did a really thorough examination and spent the necessary time planning and refining the program. The hands on treatment and therapy program were successful for both problems. The staff is friendly, supportive and very qualified. Should the need arise, I will definitely use them again and would recommend them to my family and friends.

Dr. Richard C.

Imagine summertime, your 5 year old son telling you mom lets run in the park and you telling him no my knees hurt, well that is what happened to me in the Summer of 2009. I soon did an MRI and my doctor recommended I do physical therapy. I did this therapy for 3 months at Mullis and Associates Physical Therapy. It was the best thing I ever did for my knees, I can now run, jump, skip and hop thanks to the support and expertise of Dr. Jonathan Mullis. I even recommended my mom do her physical therapy here when she also had issues with her knees.

Gillian B.

Mullis and Associates PT goes beyond my expectations, best place in town, talking about convenient and environment, you can't get better than that. Easy appointments ,very clean place, free parking, and most importantly great staff with skills, sense of humor and once you get to work with one of them, you already felt you healing is on the way! I started my PT there back in February after my knee surgery in late January 2011, not knowing how I will heal, but I walked out of there running again.Now I start to do jogging, cardio and martial arts exercises again. I am thankful to Mullis and Associates PT for their magic touch in my healing!

Sally C.

Jon and his staff are great. Scheduling my appointment was easy and never had trouble finding time to fit MY schedule. The office is clean and well managed. I was treated with great respect and always felt welcome. Everyone at Mullis PT went over and above to provide a professional and productive atmosphere. I miss going to see everyone at Mullis PT. I without reservation highly recommend Mullis PT. I will go to Mullis for any PT needs in the future and also just to say hi!

Ken S.

I love Mullis PT!!! I come to therapy two times a week and it is such a friendly and helpful atmosphere (I actually like coming to therapy!!! If you can believe that!!!!) Dr. Kate is AWESOME as is all your staff. Very friendly and knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend Mullis PT…and the convenience of the location is a plus!!! Thanks again for making therapy fun and personable.

Dawn L.

Dr. Mullis, I would like to say thank you to you and your team. Dr. Gleason, Sarah and Stephanie are wonderful. I have had these annoying back/neck aches for years and could never find a permanent fix to it. After just a few short weeks I feel total transformed. My posture is better and I have more energy. I feel like a completely different person. For you and your team it must be a common everyday occurrence to treat people. In case you do not hear it everyday, thank you for fixing my back/neck issues. Your team is very skilled, professional, welcoming and so friendly. I will recommend you highly to everyone.

Max K.

Love, Love, Love this place! Convenience to my work, free parking, free tea and coffee and clean, state-of-the-art equipment to work on. I've been to a few PT's for my injury and have had three surgeries since 2009. I was happiest at Mullis and Associates. When I first started going to Mullis, Jon (the owner) was alone, but he still provided every patient one on one care. After every session with Jon, I felt stronger and excited about the next appointment to see how much I would accomplish. I knew it was helping! My last surgery was April 2011 and I know exactly where I'll be going for PT.

Debra P.

I have been to two other places for PT over the past 10 years. After I re-injured my neck and shoulder in late April, I tried Mullis & Associates because it was near my office. Compared to my other experiences, I was very impressed with Mullis & Associates. The major reason is the people. At the other places, I was mostly dealt with by students, and got very little time with the actual physical therapist. At Mullis & Associates, while my exercises and stretches were supervised by students, Dr. Mullis was there as well. The ratio of patients to staff was low, and I always was greeted by him personally at the begiinning of the session, asking me how I was doing. Then after doing the exercises, I would have 15-20 minutes one on one with Dr. Mullis, a hands-on session where he felt my neck, shoulder and back, and massaged and stretched the affected areas. This to me is key. After all, you are going there to get better and get professional help with your pain. And I really appreciated the quality of the service and the expertise of Dr. Mullis and his team.

Paul A.

I do have to say that Mullis and Associates has been one of the best physical therapies that I have been to. They were always very willing to help in any way possible with appointments, therapy, questions etc... I would never change mullis and associates for another therapy company ever and if i was to ever be injured again in the future, you can bet that I will not hesitate to call for an appointment.

Rafael T.

I have received physical therapy at one other location in the Boston area and the care was nothing like the excellent care I received at Mullis and Associates. After only two treatments for my knee and performing the exercises per your instruction, I felt much better. Now I can climb the stairs without any pain. I would recommend Mullis and Associates to anyone in need of physical therapy.

Fawyn H.

The folks at Mullis are terrific, and John's a good guy to deal with. Every day I went in there I felt very comfortable and well taken care of. The staff are friendly and highly competent. They care about their patients a great deal. Before I started there, I could barely walk on my right knee. When I left, I was in much better shape. Can't recommend these people enough.

Jack K.

I just started working with John, and have made significant progress in just the first week of treatment. He, and the staff, are professional, friendly, knowledgeable and above all, encouraging.

GT Keusch, M.D.

I have received physical therapy at two other locations in the Boston area and the care was nothing like what I received at Mullis and Associates. The therapists are personable, caring, attentive to your concerns, and they are not afraid to be hands on. I would recommend Mullis and Associates to anyone in need of physical therapy.

Tracy B.

I strained my rotator cuff carrying my two children around over the past few years. I was in so much pain, it was very difficult to do any of my daily activities. Not only was Dr. Mullis able to relieve my pain, he found other factors that were contributing to my injury. Through physical therapy and directed exercises, I am now doing all of the things I couldn't do before. I can't thank Dr. Mullis enough for the exceptional care I received during my treatment at Mullis and Associates Physical Therapy.

Jody B.

I would like to express my deep appreciation for the superior care I received while undergoing treatment at Mullis and Associates Physical Therapy. I know I wasn't always the most cooperative patient, and your patience did not go unnoticed. My recently improved health is a credit to your expertise and special treatment. I will be certain to continue to recommend you to everyone I know who needs good care!!!!

LaVondea E.

I really enjoyed my experience with your treatment. I had shoulder pain for 3 months which caused lots of trouble in my daily activities. After only two treatments in your place and performing the exercises per your instruction, I felt much better. Now I can move my shoulder around. I will definitely recommend your clinic to my friends and colleagues if they need physical therapy.

Dr. Yuqing Z.

I was having a lot of neck and shoulder pain at the beginning of therapy, but after only 4 weeks I was feeling much better and was able to return to full duty at work, including lifting patients.

Kelly C.