boston physical therapists

The varied backgrounds and unique skill sets of each of our Braintree and Boston physical therapists allows us to better serve you

by Mullis PT, January 23, 2017

Physical therapists are health care professionals that treat individuals of all ages with the ultimate goal of helping them move and function more easily. Patients may be dealing with any number of injuries or health conditions that may be causing them pain and preventing them from moving normally, and it’s the physical therapist’s duty to […]

braintree fitness specialists NYE 2017

Our Braintree fitness specialists offer a realistic game plan for upholding your New Year’s resolutions

by Mullis PT, December 30, 2016

New Year’s Eve has arrived once again. Have you settled on what resolutions you plan on tackling in 2017? If you’re like most Americans and you actually set resolutions, these goals probably have something to do with improving your overall health with more exercise and better nutrition. Unfortunately, just declaring a few resolutions doesn’t make […]

physical therapists in Braintree 2016 in review

Mullis & Associates physical therapists in Braintree and Boston thank you for making 2016 another great year of “Helping You Move Without Pain”

by Mullis PT, December 9, 2016

Our physical therapists in Braintree and Boston, as well as our entire staff, would like to take this time to wish you and your loved ones a very happy holiday season. We hope it’s a safe and enjoyable time of year for you, filled with lots of laughs and love as you celebrate with those […]

braintree physical therapists healthcare benefits

Our Braintree physical therapists remind you that now is a great time to see us for any nagging aches or pains before your health benefits run out

by Mullis PT, November 15, 2016

With the holiday season just around the corner, your calendar is probably about to start filling up real quick. Between holiday parties and gatherings, continuous shopping and any other unexpected obligations that may pop up, you may begin to find it difficult to do everything you’d like to. But at Mullis & Associates Physical Therapy, […]

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Mullis & Associates Physical Therapy in Boston and Braintree can effectively address side effects from breast cancer treatment

by Mullis PT, October 26, 2016

  In addition to recognizing physical therapy with National Physical Therapy Month, October is also Breast Cancer Awareness Month, an annual campaign intended to increase awareness of the disease and the screening tools and treatments available for it. As the second most common type of cancer in women, breast cancer will affect 1 in 8 […]