What Makes Us Different?

60-Minute Appointments!

Unlike large hospital and corporate physical therapy departments that get you in and out in under 30 minutes, we set aside 60 minutes for "your" visit every time. From your initial evaluation through your last treatment visit, you get the time you need and deserve. If you aren't getting the time you deserve at your current physical therapy (PT) clinic, call us today!

One-on-One Treatments!

Unlike other physical therapy offices, we don't double, triple or quadruple book "your" appointment slot. We book one client every 30 minutes, no exception. This ensures that you get individual time with your Doctor of Physical Therapy each visit, as well as individual time with your highly trained exercise specialist, so you don't have to do your exercises alone in the corner, like at other offices. If your current PT clinic leaves you alone in the corner, call us today!

State-of-the-Art Equipment!

Speaking of doing your exercises alone in the corner, unlike most other offices we rarely have you do a "bed" exercise in the clinic. Why would we, when we have all of this awesome equipment for you to use and trained exercise specialists to guide you through your individually developed exercise program. If the treatment at your current PT clinic consists of simply doing your home exercise program in the clinic, call us today.

Hands-On Manual Therapy!

We do have State-of-the-Art Equipment, but that doesn't mean that exercise is all you are going to do. Our Doctors of Physical Therapy are highly trained in Manual Therapy and you will receive hands-on treatment during each and every one of your treatment visits. Unlike other clinics, hands-on treatment is the core of our treatment approach and essential to getting you better. If you aren't receiving manual therapy at your current physical therapy clinic, call us today.

Friendly and Caring Staff!

Unlike other clinics, our employees love their job and our clients. We not only want to know everything about your pain or injury, but we want to get to know you as well. We have to spend 60 minutes with you twice a week, we might as well like each other. If all of the employees at your current PT clinic don't know your name, call us today.

"You" are Our Focus!

Unlike other clinics, we only have one client at a time. Also you won't find your Doctor of Physical Therapy searching the web, checking Facebook or chatting in the corner during "your" treatment time. If your current physical therapist is too busy posting on social media to pay attention to you, call us today.

Clean Facilities

Unlike many other offices, we actually clean and disinfect on an ongoing and consistent basis. Each bed is wiped down between each client and we clean everything in our office frequently and regularly. If you think, "is this safe to touch" on a regular basis at your current PT clinic, call us today!

Flexible Hours

Convenient Locations

Free Parking

Mission Statement

The mission of Mullis and Associates Physical Therapy, Inc. is to deliver exceptional physical therapy services to our clients by using experienced and highly qualified physical therapists and to provide these services in a convenient manner that reflects the needs of our busy clientele.