Four Things To Know About Physical Therapy
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Body and Brain Fitness

A medically supervised fitness clinic, overseen by highly trained fitness specialists and medical professionals that rely on the latest research to create an exercise prescription that is just right for you.


Welcome to Mullis and Associates Physical Therapy providing physical therapy for the Boston, MA area

Physical Therapy Boston MA

Mullis and Associates Physical Therapy is a 100% physical therapist owned outpatient clinic specializing in the evaluation, treatment and rehabilitation of individuals with musculoskeletal injuries and pain to all areas of the body.

As a physical therapist-owned clinic we can provide additional benefits to our patients like you. We don’t have the high overhead costs of the “big box” corporations, hospitals and physician-owned physical therapy clinics.

This means:

  • You will spend more time with your licensed physical therapist each visit.
  • It’s likely to take fewer visits to get you to where you want to be and,
  • It will cost you less too.
Physical Therapy Boston MA

What sets us apart?

Same Day and Next Day Appointments

  • You shouldn’t have to wait to feel better
  • We do our best to fit your schedule
  • We are open from 6:30 am to 7:30 pm

Convenient Location and Free Parking

  • Getting the care you need should not be difficult
  • You should not have to spend even more on your Healthcare
  • We offer two hours of free garage parking directly behind our building
  • We are close to several major MBTA routes

Independent Private Physical Therapy Practice

  • Dedicated solely to you, your recovery and your well-being
  • Our goal is to get you better quickly
  • We are Physician recommended

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